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Here are some of the German companies
we have been supporting with our services:

- EADS/Cassidian/AIRBUS
- Rheinmetall Waffe Munition
- Rolls-Royce Germany
- Siemens AG
- Texas Instruments
- ThyssenKrupp

- University of Hildesheim
- University of Applied Sciences - Osnabrück

We are members of tekom
(German Professional Association for Technical Communication and Information-Development).

Technical – Optimal – Professional


Few language specialists have a sufficient background in engineering to do justice to your documentation needs, but that’s where we shine. Have a look at the areas in which we can offer you professional expertise:


Not only does your documentation have to be technically correct, you want it to be optimal for your specific needs. If you want to be successful, your message has to be completely clear to your customers. Thus, clarity is a key element of our services. We offer solutions that are tailor-made for your particular demands. Your individual requirements are just as important as official regulations, guidelines and standards.

In order to provide you with clearly worded technical texts, without redundancy or ambiguous information, we combine proven practical solutions with the latest comprehensibility methodology.


For more than 25 years we have been specializing in international technical communication. We have been supporting various companies and target groups with our experience and know-how, ranging from universities and small companies to global players, from newcomers to experts, with a focus on the leading companies in aerospace and defense technology.

Have a look at our service portfolio. We look forward to supporting you with TOP quality.